E-waste Drive

Baden OptIMIST E-Watse Drive

Word E-Waste in Green Lettering with computers and electronic devices in background

Fundraiser with New Dundee Recycling

Got old electronics/batteries? Bring them to get recycled and help raise money for the Baden Optimist Club at the same time!!

Date: June 7th-July 5th

Drop off at the Fellowship Bible Church

150 Hamilton Rd, New Hamburg

Computer Monitors                                                  Computer Mainboards

Batteries                                                                     Modems

Printers                                                                      Fax Machines

Photocopiers                                                             TV’s

Scanners                                                                     Telephones and Cell Phones

Pagers                                                                        Answering Machines

Audio/Video Players & Recorders                           (MP3, CD, Cassette, etc)

Cameras (Web, Digital, Analog)                               Equalizers

Radios, Receivers, Speakers                                     Turntables

Video Game Consoles & Accessories                       CPU’s & Computer Towers

Laptops                                                                      And more

For more info on what can be recycled contact New Dundee Recycling at:

 226-476-2480 or Email: info@dundee-electronic-recycling.ca

Dundee Electronic Recycling logo

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